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All most all websites on the internet are built using WordPress. And also most of them are vulnerable. Therefore the percentage of being hacked is at a high value. As WordPress is the most popular website builder, hackers are also targeting WordPress based website to hack. If your website is poor in Security then hackers can easily exploit your website.



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Hackers are two types, Some are beginners and they want to exploit and break through your firewall just to steal data. So even that put your website in danger. And other hackers have intended to spread malware that puts you even more danger. So they can attack other websites using yours.

There are so many Plugins to secure your WordPress on the internet. Even from them, you can save your data from hacking attempts. Consider as you are not using a Security Plugin, then how you gonna secure your WordPress?.Let’s consider that and learn some tips and tricks to protect your website being hacked.


01. Set-up with a Strong Password


A password is everything on your website. You need to make sure that you use a Strong Password and it should be a unique one. And it would better if you use a password tracker which track all your passwords and not allowing you to use the same password in another account.

Weak passwords make the way path to the hacker to hack your website. Always try to use a strong password and change them from time to time. Using symbols and numbers with lowercase and uppercase is a plus when deciding a Strong Password because hackers are pretty much face to a difficulty to break through strong passwords.


02. Keep WordPress up-to-date


This is something which some web designers missed. Remember to keep your WordPress up to date. WordPress provides updates, with those updates they fix bugs and security dysfunctions. Some they do not update the WordPress, they think that their data will be lost due to the new update. Then simply you can go to a backup process, and if something goes wrong you can even revert the new version to the old version.

Now, remember to update your WordPress to the new version as it notifies you. Then you can minimize the vulnerabilities of your website. Hacking attempts are occurring suddenly so make your website more saver with this.


03. Backup your WordPress


Backup is the most important step to be taken for securing your website. Before you do any changes to the WordPress make sure you always keep a full backup of your WordPress.

Not only from hacking attempts, but backup also saves your data from crashes in the database. Some security plugins also supply a backup option with their security options. So make sure to keep a database backup always that will protect your website half away.


04. Use a WordPress Security Plugin


Security Plugin is an important component in securing your WordPress. They run an automated scan and detect bugs and error log files on your WordPress. Also, scan from any vulnerabilities and malicious codes. Hackers are always trying to place malicious files into your WordPress and steal your data. By using a Security Plugin you can prevent those attempts.

Detect unauthorized access to your website and inform you with instant notifications and not only that, Security plugins have the ability to block that kind of logins. You can further refer to the security plugins and what is the best among them visit our blog about Top Security Plugins.


05. Insecure Web Hosting


All most all website based on WordPress hosted on the web server. Web designers use many companies in web hosting. But the question is do they provide the 100% security on your web hosting. If those companies do not provide a well-secured hosting that makes your website vulnerable to hacking attempts.

So it is very important to consider the security when doing hosting. Choose the best web hosting server on your work. Some of the security plugins also provide options in secure web hosting. And notify if it is insecure. Secured servers block most of the hacking attempts. So consider the security of the web server which you use in web hosting.


06. Stop Login on Public Networks


Do not just log in on a Public Network. That makes the way path to hackers to track your login details and attack later. If you don’t encrypt your login passwords and usernames then it makes your WordPress vulnerable. Remember to encrypt your valuable data to protect from hackers.

Use an SSL certificate on your site or use your Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to encrypt your traffic on the network. Follow the same step even though you use an SSL certificate. That will secure you even in a Public Network.


07. Update Themes and Plugins



Like the core WordPress, you need to keep the other plugins and themes up to date in order to increase the security of your WordPress. Because many errors and bugs arise within those plugins we used in WordPress. If those small errors affect your WordPress vulnerability. Then hackers get a chance to hack your WordPress without a doubt.

Keep them up to date as WordPress. Set auto updates to your Plugins and themes used in WordPress. Then feel free to check for updates every time. By updating small plugins and themes you can protect your WordPress.


Did You Know?

These are the factors which basically some web designers missed when considering the security of their WordPress. With small facts, you can make a big change in your WordPress security. Professionally typed codings also very helpful in securing your wordpress. But these are fundamentals among all.

Hacking attempts can be fixed but difficult to clean up a mess. So takes precautions before any attack of hackers. These are the basic and important fundamental facts to be considered when securing your WordPress.