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Why do we need a WordPress Security Plugin ?

It is very important to understand why do we want a WordPress Security Plugin. Around the globe, WordPress is the most popular platform used in Web developing. So hackers are interested in hacking WordPress based websites other than non-WordPress websites. Any kind of security failure on your website leads you to cause any damages to your Website. Some are mention below,


  • Data of login access belongs to your customers can be lost.
  • Damages the Reputation of the Website.
  • Your Security settings such as passwords login usernames and other customers personal details can be stolen.


Therefore we should prefer some precautions to prevent such attacks and any other kind of threats. So today I’m going to show you some WordPress Security Plugins which you can use for your potential.lets discuss the best Security Plugins for WordPress.


01. WordFence


WordFence is the most popular Security Plugin for WordPress among Web developers. They offer a free version of their service with high potential security including a cloud system, malware scanning, Firewall and many features in providing you with better security for your WebSite.

This Security Plugin runs real-time scans to the depth of your website and searches for any threats. And also this Plugin has two-factor authentication via SMS and the other feature comes with it, is that if WordFence found any threat it will notify you through your email.

WordFence consists of few advanced features for Premium Users, For professional Web developers, you can try this Premium offer if you look forward to protecting your valuable data.


02. Sucuri Security




Sucuri Security is also the most leading Security Plugin in Web developing. Sacuri Security also one of the best Security Plugin in the Web Market. It secures you against hacks and DDoS attacks with our WAF. Use a DNS level firewall, and fasten your website with quick response.

It also has the feature to notify you if there is a threat or any unauthorized access to your website. Sacuri uses blacklist engines such as Google Safe Browsing,  Norton, Sucuri Labs McAfee Site Advisor, and many known safe engines. Their effective use of the DNS level firewall with CDN gives your Website a boost performance.

It seems Sacuri Security is more effective than WordFence but the difference is Sacuri Security provide full security for premium members only. That’s why I recommended WordFence first. If you can afford you can try on Sacuri Security.


03. iThemes Security




iTheme Security is a popular WordPress Security Plugin which provides various features to protect your website from threats. It comes with WordPress Brute Force Protection, Lockout Bad Users, Database Backups and many more other features.

It also notifies your through emails if ant threats are found. Arranging Schedule database backups and email them to you. And with a Strong Password Enforcement option, it provides you with the best way to lock down WordPress.

You can also check this out. iThemes Security Pro is not a free Source. If you are willing to protect your WordPress with these features you can Buy iThemes Security Pro.


04. BulletProof Security



BulletProof Security also a WordPress Security Plugin which protects your website from harmful threats using various other features. It provides MScan Malware Scanner, access Website Security Protection, Login Security & Monitoring and along with many other features with One-click Setup Wizard. It has a Simple process of installation and your Website is secured.

BulletProof Security also provide you the Schedule data backups. You can get alerts in every login attempts. As other security plugins, the BulletProof Security Plugin also hold many features to Protect your website. Then the reason for this to falls down from the list is as no customer connection or any updates from their website. But fills with many features as other Security Plugins.


05. All in one WP Security and  Firewall




The advantage of all in one WP security Plugin is that it is easy to use. It consists of a firewall plugin. This plugin provides features from beginner to advanced web developer. That’s why it can handle even to a basic beginner. It also tracks the login details and locks them if any unauthorized attempts occur.

All in one WP Security also capable of making schedule data backups and notify them through emails. This protects PHP codes and uses 5G Blacklist to prevent cyber attacks. And also this plugin is capable of tracking files and updates.

Even though All in one WP Security and Firewall is less in advanced features most of the new web developers try to use this plugin because of the user-friendliness and provide guides for beginners in web developing. But if you are an intermediate or advanced web developer you might select one of the above plugins we discuss.



Further Considerations

As they are many Security Plugins on the internet you can use any of them to secure your website from hackers and many other threats as we discuss. The important part is to choose the correct one among those plugins. Here above I have mentioned some plugins which are most suitable and most popular among web developers and in Web Market. Remember not to install all these plugins, it leads your website to bugs. Try to select a plugin from above which provides customer service instantly and giving updates regard new features and error fixing. 

And also if you have any recommendations regard any kind of Security Plugins you use in WordPress lets us know. Leave us your regards.