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Choosing a perfect color scheme to your website is a major factor when you intend to attract visitors. As you know images play a major roll in attracting people to your website. We discuss that earlier in the post about free stock images. There we got to know what are the free world image stock with high resolution and high ending. Here we discuss color Schemes which also a fundamental component in professional web designing and Affiliate Marketing.

Under color Schemes, let’s consider the most stunning Color Palettes Generators on the internet which Web developers are commonly using.


01. Coolors


Coolors is the most stunning and flexible color tool online. Most of the Professional web designers are using coolors. It comes with the drag and drop option. Coolors allows you to upload an image and combine colors as your wish with the drag and drop option. It consists of thousands of palettes, each and every time you press the spacebar this will generate a new palette.

Coolors have provided you a Chrome extension, Mobile app and also available in Adobe add-on. So you can mix colors according to the match of the browser and even then you can export you color palettes as a URL, PNG and more.


02. Adobe Color CC


Adobe Color CC is an official tool provided by Adobe Community to generate Color palettes uniquely. Adobe Color CC  is known as Adobe Kuler. The color wheel is the featured option in Adobe Color CC, there you can mix up colors by using RGB or CYMK and can control the brightness whether color scheme is dark or light. Adobe also providing the option to upload an image and generate Color palettes or generate directly through the color wheel.

For some color wheel is not familiar to them, then i recomend you to try on ‘Explore’ and there you can find bulks of color palettes that you can use with. You can save your creative works in Creative Cloud thats a useful option which provides by Adobe. Adobe Color CC also a professional typed Color Palette Generator.


03. Paletton


Paletton is commonly known among web designers. Most likely to other color palette generators paletton is used to combine classical colors together. It’s very simple and easy to use with rather than Adobe Color CC and Coolors. But somehow ratings for the Paletton is low among Web designers. The main reason I came with up this is the easiness and simplicity to handle than others.

Not only that, in Paletton you can share your color schemes through a link generated. And also Paletton provides a feature to generate a sample website design according to your selected color scheme. Its a plus feature on Paletton.


04. Pictaculous


Pictaculous is image based Color Palette Generator. Also can be considered as a less known color palette generating tool. This tool works upon photography, allowing you to upload an image and generate a color scheme based on the image, PNG, JPG, or in GIF format. After generating the color scheme you can convert it to an Adobe swatches file.

Pictaculous is less in customization but easy to use and handle. Specially they have focused on generating color schemes based on images you upload to them and provide you 5 samples per once with the suggestion from Adobe Color CC.


05. Khroma



Khroma is Professional color palettes generator tool available on the internet. Personalization and customization are to the point in this tool. This provides you over 50 samples per a Color scheme palette. For creative web designers, Khroma has provided the extract color combinations to their desires. You can select your color schemes among those bulk of color schemes. Creative web designers would use this.

Khroma color algorithm will generate color schemes on a colored background, gradient, two-toned photographs, lastly, color blocks, and four-color palettes. Color Scheme generating is endless. For starters as well as for professionals Khroma is the open world of color schemes as Coolors and Adobe Color CC.


Selecting the Best among Best

Web designers always try to attract people to their websites and improve the Affiliate Marketing. Color Schemes are fundamental components to web designers so they try to select the best among the best. Here we have discussed 5 Best Color Schemes Generators. And there are more tools on the internet. But those are the main and commonly used among web designers. When you try to select the best color scheme it comes with the experience, that’s why I discuss some tools for starters also. With those color schemes, you can increase the visitors to your website. And can be a Profession in designing websites.

Simple if you are a Starter go with Plattate and Pictaculo, if you are a profession in web designing and Affiliate marketing then you can go with the tools Adobe Color CC, Khroma and Coolors. If you have any suggestions we accept them also, comment them down below. Now let’s keep generating.